Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the AllSeen Alliance community!

The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to enabling and driving the widespread adoption of Internet of Everything products, systems and services through the open source AllJoyn SDK and universal development framework supported by a thriving technical community and a vibrant ecosystem.

AllJoyn is an open, universal, secure and programmable software connectivity and services framework that enables companies and enterprises to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and interact directly with other AllJoyn-enabled products.

For Developers

As is common with most consortia and open source projects there are many ways to participate in the AllSeen Alliance. If you are new to AllSeen and the AllJoyn open source project, we suggest you start with the FAQ and Getting Started guide. Work on AllJoyn is organized by technical working groups. You can join the conversation for any or all of them via our Mailing Lists.

For developers looking to get acquainted with the code currently in the repository, visit the Source Code page.

To connect with other members of the AllSeen developer community, join the discussion now.

In order to gain access to the tools supporting the AllJoyn framework you must first create an account. Once your registration is complete, visit the Source Code page where you will find links to all of the developer tools available.

Additionally, we have posted a series of technical training webinars on our Wiki


Companies and organizations may join at any time and anyone can participate, as AllSeen is an open source software project. Companies and organizations interested in formal membership in the project should submit a request for information on the membership page.