Smart products are smart business.

The Internet of Things can’t be built by a single brand or company. That’s why the AllSeen Alliance is developing the first truly collaborative, open ecosystem for interoperable products and services that will communicate, engage and delight users in new, exciting and useful ways. By participating in the AllSeen Alliance's certification process, you are helping to make smart products truly interoperable, and you’re joining a connected network of companies, products, and applications.

Designed for AllSeen is the AllSeen Alliance's self-certification program. The certification program, like the Alliance is growing. We will shortly be releasing its second phase, AllSeen Certified, which includes interoeprabiity testing and third-party certification, Designed for AllSeen provides real benefits today:.

  • Confidence - Validation ensures seamless, out-of-the-box interoperability and means your product will be part of an interconnected ecosystem.
  • Simplicity - The easy, five-step process allows you to self-certify products now, so you can begin participating in our open ecosystem right away.
  • Value - With a truly streamlined and completely free validation process, you can significantly lower development time and costs.
  • Branding - By building smarter products that connect automatically with all the products in the AllSeen ecosystem, you can boost your brand and increase customer satisfaction.

When your product secures Designed for AllSeen certification, it is registered in the AllSeen Certified Products database and earns the right to wear the Designed for AllSeen logo.

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