Q1: How does the Designed for AllSeen logo work?

A: When a product secures Designed for AllSeen certification, it is registered in the AllSeen Certified Products database and earns the right to wear the Designed for AllSeen logo. Only products that have passed the Designed for AllSeen certification can use the Designed for AllSeen logo ensuring consumers that they can easily identify products and services that they know will work together consistently and reliably. Manufacturers can also list their Designed for AllSeen certified products on the showcase page.

Q2: Does it cost money to have my product validated for "Designed for AllSeen"

A: No, this is a free service for members as well as non-members.

Q3.  Do I need to be a member of the AllSeen Alliance to be certified?

A: No, you don't have to be a member.

Q4. What are the Hardware Prerequisites to run the Self-Certification Tool?

A. To run the Self-Certification Tool you need a PC or laptop (the controller of the Self-Certification Tool), an Android device (the Self-Certification Tool itself), a USB cable and a Wireless Access Point which provides the transport between the Self-Certification Tool and your DUT. For more information, click here.

Q5. What are the Software Prerequisites to run the Self-Certification Tool?

A. Java SE Development Kit (JDK) v1.6 and Android SDK API / Platform 16. For more information, click here.

Q6. Where can I find the Brand Guidelines for Designed for AllSeen

A. Brand Guidelines may be viewed here.

Q7: How long may I use "Designed for AllSeen" with my product?

A: Designed for AllSeen" is the initial phase of the AllSeen Alliance’s certification program. Designed for AllSeen validates that products implement the AllJoyn software framework properly. The Alliance is developing a second phase of the certification program, AllSeen Certified, that includes interoperability testing. Once that program is available, the Designed for AllSeen program will end. When this happens, existing products can keep their Designed for AllSeen certification, new products and future revisions to existing products that passed the "Designed for AllSeen" validation program in the past will gain certification under the new AllSeen Certified program.