Control Panel API Guide - Objective-C

Reference code

Source code

Library Description
alljoyn The AllJoyn® Standard Library code
alljoyn_services_common The common code for all service frameworks. This is needed from Linux (C++) and Objective-C.
alljoyn_about The About Feature library
alljoyn_controlpanel The Control Panel library
alljoynFramework_iOS The iOS binding of the AllJoyn framework

Reference iOS application code

Application Description
sampleApp Sample application that uses the Control Panel service framework and adapter APIs.

Obtain the Control Panel service framework

See the Building iOS/OS X section for instructions on compiling the Control Panel service framework.

Build a Controller

The following steps provide the high-level process to build a Controller.

  1. Create the base for the AllJoyn application.
  2. Start the AboutClient.
  3. Listen for announcements to find Controllee devices on the network.
  4. Choose a control panel from the collection that was received in the announcement in your preferred language.
  5. Establish a session with the Controllee device that you would like to interact with.
  6. Get the device's control panel widgets to pass to the Adapter. The Adapter converts these widgets to iOS UI elements.
  7. Get the iOS UI elements from the Adapter to be displayed in the application. These elements are combined to create the graphical control panel that is displayed by the Controller application for the end user to interact with.

Setting up the AllJoyn framework and About feature

The steps required for this service are universal to all applications that use the AllJoyn framework and for any application using one or more AllJoyn services. Prior to use of the Control Panel service framework, the About feature must be implemented and the AllJoyn framework set up.

Complete the procedures in the following sections to guide you in this process:

Implementing a Controller

Initialize the AllJoyn framework

See the Building iOS/OS X section for instructions to set up the AllJoyn framework.

Start the AboutService in client mode

The Control Panel service framework depends on the About feature.

For more information about the About feature, see the About API Guide.

Initialize the About feature

Create, start, connect, and register a Bus Attachment
clientBusAttachment = [[AJNBusAttachment alloc] initWithApplicationName:APPNAME
[clientBusAttachment start];
//Thin Libaries at AllSeen Alliance 14.06 or higher do not require this step.
//Set a password for the router so Thin Libraries can connect to it, before you connect the bus attachment.
[AJNPasswordManager setCredentialsForAuthMechanism:@"ALLJOYN_PIN_KEYX" usingPassword:@"000000"];
[clientBusAttachment connectWithArguments:@""];
[clientBusAttachment registerBusListener:self];
Register to receive announcements and sessionless signals
announcementReceiver = [[AJNAnnouncementReceiver alloc]
initWithAnnouncementListener:self andBus:self.clientBusAttachment];
// Advertise the name with a quite prefix for TC to find it
   [clientBusAttachment advertiseName:@"quiet@org.alljoyn.BusNode.CPSService.542e8562-e29b-89c2-b456-

Listen for announcements from Controllee devices

Once the client has been started, announcements will be received by the announcement listeners.

Implement the AJNAnnouncementListener protocol in your class to respond to new announcements.

For each announcement that is received, check if it implements the ControlPanel interface. If it does, save it as a controllee device for later use.

- (void)announceWithVersion:(uint16_t)version
                    busName:(NSString *)busName
         objectDescriptions:(NSMutableDictionary *)objectDescs
                  aboutData:(NSMutableDictionary **)aboutData
// Save the announcement in a AJNAnnouncement
AJNAnnouncement *announcement = [[AJNAnnouncement alloc]
   initWithVersion:version port:port busName:busName objectDescriptions:objectDescs aboutData:aboutData];
   NSMutableDictionary *announcementObjDecs = [announcement objectDescriptions];
// See if this announcment is from a controller device for (NSString *key in announcementObjDecs.allKeys) {
   if ([key hasPrefix: @"/ControlPanel/"]) {
      for (NSString *intf in[announcementObjDecs valueForKey:key]) {
         if ([intf isEqualToString: @"org.alljoyn.ControlPanel.ControlPanel"]) {
            hascPanel = true;

if(hascPanel == true)
NSLog(@"This announcement has control panel");

Loading the controller's UI

The AJNAnnouncement object is used to load the controller's table view when needed.

GetControlPanelViewController *getCpanelView =
[[GetControlPanelViewController alloc] initWithAnnouncement:announcement
   bus:self.clientBusAttachment]; [self.navigationController
   pushViewController:getCpanelView animated:YES];

Compile the code

See the Building iOS/OS X section for instructions on how to compile the application with this service framework.