Building Android


  1. Download the following Android SDKs:

    • Core SDK (release)
    • Onboarding SDK
    • Configuration SDK
    • Notification SDK
    • Control Panel SDK
  2. Extract all ZIP files to one directory.

Build Samples

Note, you may need to adjust the below paths based on the version you downloaded

  1. Import projects from:

    • alljoyn-android/core/alljoyn-14.06.00-rel/java/samples
    • alljoyn-android/services
  2. Add Support Library

    To add "android-support-v4.jar", right-click on the project, select "Android Tools" > "Add Support Library"

Building the AllJoyn® framework for an existing app:

  1. In your project, create a "libs/armeabi" dir if it doesn't already exist.
  2. Copy "alljoyn-android/core/alljoyn-14.06.00-rel/java/lib/" to the "libs/armeabi" dir.
  3. Copy "alljoyn-android/core/alljoyn-14.06.00-rel/java/jar/alljoyn.jar" to the "libs" dir.
  4. If using a Service Framework, copy the jars from the "alljoyn-android/services/<SERVICE FRAMEWORK>/java/libs/*.jar" to the "libs" dir.