Building OpenWRT

The AllJoyn® framework feeds exist on the following OpenWRT platform releases:

  • v12.09 - official tagged release
  • Attitude Adjustment - current stable release
  • Barrier breaker - current development version

Build and Install the AllJoyn framework

Follow these instructions to add the AllJoyn framework to your OpenWRT environment.

Patch OpenSSL

  • For Attitude Adjustment, use 39585 or later, or apply patch 4802 (The 12.09 tagged release requires this patch. The latest version on the Attitude Adjustment branch already has the patch applied.)

  • For Barrier Breaker, use 39048 or later, or apply patch 4576 (The latest version of Barrier Breaker, aka trunk, already has the patch applied.)

Edit Feed

Add only one of these lines to your feeds.conf:

  • For the official OpenWrt v12.09 tagged release

    src-git alljoyn;openwrt_12.09
  • For Attitude Adjustment

    src-git alljoyn;attitude_adjustment
  • For Barrier Breaker

    src-git alljoyn;barrier_breaker

Update Feeds

./scripts/feeds update -a

Install the AllJoyn package definitions

./scripts/feeds install -a -p alljoyn

Enable the AllJoyn packages to build

make menuconfig
        Networking --->
                < > alljoyn --->
                        < > alljoyn-about
                        < > alljoyn-c
                        < > alljoyn-config --->
                                < > alljoyn-config-samples
                        < > alljoyn-controlpanel --->
                                < > alljoyn-controlpanel-samples
                        < > alljoyn-notification --->
                                < > alljoyn-notification-samples
                        < > alljoyn-sample_apps
                        < > alljoyn-services_common

Install the AllJoyn framework

If you built the AllJoyn framework as a module, move those IPKs over to your OpenWRT device and run opkg install <alljoyn-package>.

If you built the AllJoyn framework directly into the image, simply flash the new firmware onto your OpenWRT device.

AllJoyn libs will be installed in /usr/lib/ and binaries will be installed in /usr/bin/.

Run the AllJoyn framework

Start the AllJoyn framework

Start the AllJoyn daemon

/etc/init.d/alljoyn start

Optionally, enable the AllJoyn daemon to start at boot-up.

/etc/init.d/alljoyn enable

Run Sample Apps

Follow the Linux instructions to run sample apps. Note that since AllJoyn binaries and libs are installed in /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/, that the AllJoyn apps can run directly from any path without setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH.