Building Thin - Linux


NOTE: The installation commands below refer specifically to Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Equivalent commands are available for other distributions of Linux.

  • Build tools and libs
sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libssl-dev xsltproc ia32-libs libxml2-dev
  • Install Python v2.6/2.7 (Python v3.0 is not compatible and will cause errors)
sudo apt-get install python
  • Installl SCons v2.0.
sudo apt-get install scons
  • OpenSSL
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

Build the samples

Build the core samples:

cd $AJ_ROOT/core/ajtcl
scons WS=off

Binaries for samples are located at $AJ_ROOT/core/ajtcl/samples/

Build the services samples:

cd $AJ_ROOT/services/sample_apps
scons WS=off AJ_TCL_ROOT=../../core/ajtcl

Binaries for service samples are located at $AJ_ROOT/services/sample_apps/build

Build the complete service sample (AC Server):

cd $AJ_ROOT/services/sample_apps/ACServerSample
scons WS=off AJ_TCL_ROOT=../../../core/ajtcl

The binary for the AC Server sample is located at $AJ_ROOT/services/sample_apps/ACServerSample/build

Add the AllJoyn framework to an application

See the Build an Application using the Thin Library section for instructions.