Android - Config Sample Apps

Running Android ConfigClientSample

The Android ConfigClientSample provides a sample Android implementation of an app that uses the Config client.

  1. Load ConfigClientSample.apk, and start app Config Client.

  2. Connect a second device, running an app which implements the Config service, to the same network that the first device is connected to. (You can use the AboutConfOnbServer.apk in the Onboarding SDK.)

  3. On the first device, in the Config Client app, press the Connect to AllJoyn button, and press OK.

  4. In the device list of the Config Client app, the friendly name of the app from the second device should show up.

  5. Select the device list entry to configure the second device's app that implements the Config service.

  6. Change the desired fields, check the appropriate checkboxes, and press Save. The config changes should now be applied.