Run the Onboarding Sample App - iOS


Build the iOS sample apps and install the Onboarding sample app on an iOS device.

The Onboarding service sample app functions as the Onboarder side of the Onboarding service framework. At this time, there is not an iOS Onboardee sample application. In order to have an Onboardee to interact with, follow the instructions in Run an Onboardee to set up and run a sample Oboardable application on an Android device. The Android device and the iOS device must be on the same network.

Run the Onboarding Sample App

  1. Use the Settings > Wi-Fi menu option on your iOS device to connect to the AP being advertised by the device that you want to onboard.
  2. Once you have connected to the device's AP, run the Onboarding service sample app on your iOS device.
  3. Click the Connect to AllJoyn button.
  4. In the pop-up that appears, set the name to be used by the About feature in the application. You can use the default of org.alljoyn.BusNode.onboardingClient, or enter your own. The application is now running as an Onboarder. In the list area below the Disconnect from AllJoyn button, you will see any nearby applications that have been discovered via the About feature that support the Onboarding service framework and are acting as an Onboardee.
  5. To interact with an Onboardee, select one from the list of nearby applications that have been discovered.
  6. Choose an option from the pop-up that appears:
    • Show Announce: This will allow you to view the About announcement that was received from the nearby application.
    • About: This will show the full set of information retrieved by the About Client from the nearby application.
    • Onboarding: You can use the Onboarder to step through the process of onboarding the Onboardee onto the local Wi-Fi network.
  7. Select the Onboarding option and do the following:
    • Enter the SSID and password of the Wi-Fi network you want to onboard the device onto, and then click Configure. This will use the Onboarding service to pass these values to the Onboardee.
    • Click Connect. You should see a Success message along with instructions to go to the Settings > Wi-Fi menu option on your iOS device and switch networks to the one that you onboarded the device to.
    • Once you switch networks, you should now see the device you onboarded listed as a nearby device under the Disconnect from AllJoyn button. If you select the device, you will see that it has been onboarded, and you now have the option to offboard the device.

Run an Onboardee

Follow the instructions to run the AboutConfOnbServer in Android. You will then be able to use the iOS Onboarding Service sample app to onboard the app on the Android device.

When you run the AboutConfOnbServer application on an Android device, it will automatically put the device into "AP mode". Depending on your Android device, you may need to manually edit the AP name to include a prefix of "AJ_". This prefix is used by the Onboarding service framework to determine which APs are for AllJoyn devices that support the Onboarding service framework.