Configuration Service

The Configuration Service provides an ability to configure a device, like its device name or passcode.

Concepts and Terminology

Two roles exist:

  • Config Server. This runs on the device that is being configured, the device that is offering the Configuration service.

  • Config Client. This runs on the device or app that is used to configure a remote device.

The following configurations can be configured:

  • Factory Reset. Restores the device to its original factory settings. All configurable data is restored; if the device supports the Onboarding service, then the device will enter its original offboarded state.

  • Set Passcode. Sets the device's passcode, which is used when accessing secure interfaces.

  • Default Language. Sets the default language used by the device if a specific language is not requested.

  • Device Name. Sets the device's name.

The Configuration Service exposes a simple secured interface to provide this service. See the Configuration Interface Definition for more details.

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